Is This Considered 4 Years of a Foreign Language (College Requirement)?

<p>I know a lot of colleges recommend and require that you take 4 years of a foreign language, especially Top Schools. When I was in 8th Grade (Middle School) I took French I at my local High School. Anyways I kept taking French Classes until I completed AP French Language my Sophomore Year. I was the only Sophomore taking it at the time and I skipped 2 French Courses because the curriculum was shortened (horrible budget cuts at school...). I'm not even a native speaker so it was very difficult. Anyways I passed AP French with a B+ and scored a 4 on the exam. My question is have I completed the required amount of language classes. I'm not sure I have since I took a class while in middle school and skipped 2 classes? Do I need to take more language courses?</p>

<p>No, you are fine. I did pretty much the same thing as you did (I did French I in 8th, French III and III Honors in 9th, and AP in 10th). Succeeding at the AP level (which you have, obviously) implies that you have the knowledge from 4 years of foreign language. So, I would say that you don't need more Foreign Language classes.</p>

<p>4 years of high school foreign language usually equate to 2 semesters of Beginner-level language.</p>

<p>Passing an AP Foreign Language tests may equate to one or two semesters of Intermediate-level language.</p>

<p>You're set, especially if there is no higher level class offered by your school.</p>