Is this considered not adapting to a new job quickly enough?

So I’m new at a job, my 90 day probation period concludes at the end of this month. I’m in career services, at my previous job in higher education I was an academic advisor. I feel like I was micromanaged, I do attribute this to lack of retaining knowledge in certain aspects of the job along with management just being annoying. In this new job, I feel the bar is set as high but I don’t have management on my case AS MUCH so far. I get more positive feedback, my boss is just as particular but I don’t feel that I’m walking on egg shells as much. Yet again, I’m the only coordinator for the time being and things are only subject to change. When I send job leads, I usually send her a draft and she mentions if it’s good or needs corrections. For most of the ones I’ve done, she wants wording changed. But I mean, I get feedback on my communication skills and certain aspects of the job, should I expect a replica of what I dealt with at the last job?

Since this is your 5th (!!!) post on some variation of the topic, it might be time to consider that this company is not the right fit for you. And there is nothing wrong with that.


Let us know what happens at the end of the month.

100% agree!

The answers you want are not going to change whilst posting the same question numerous times.

Every job has supervisors that will critique, review, and supervise your work. They are a business that want to remain in business.

If you don’t ever want to be reviewed, start your own company.
Move on.

Spend less time on this website and focus on your occupational needs.

So you agree with the mod, the fact that the bosses are giving me these corrections 3 months in is an indication I’m not performing well enough?

It’s an indication that the “bosses” are doing their job to ensure good business practices.

It’s also a serious indication that unless you can accept constructive criticism, no job is going to EVER work for you. Are you even happy at this job?
Go FIRST to your supervisors AND ASK:
“Is there anything else you would like for me to do?”
“How would you prioritize the next step?”
“Where else can I get that information?”
“I really would like to improve in this area, what would you suggest?”
“Is there an upcoming seminar on this that I could attend?”

Be positive! It takes more energy to be negative.

  • Learn some organizational skills.
  • Go into work early and set yourself up for the day.
  • Have your coffee, tea, etc.
  • Organize your calendar and check your email. Send a virtual birthday card to a co-worker, make positive post-it notes-“You’re the best!” Use candy bar sayings (You are a LIFESAVER! and give them a roll of Lifesavers.)
    (This is all on your own “before work” time.)
  • Then, stay late to clean and prep your desk for the following day.

Learn to grow in your skills and experience. OTHERWISE, you are going to hop AIMLESSLY from job to job, hiding from supervisors, to avoid their suggestions for helping you to improve in your skills.

See a professional if these “suggestions” are too difficult for you.


Closing thread. Post any comments to OP’s updated thread (read it first) If you quit your job like I did, would you expect someone from management to check in with you?