Is This Course-load Good Enough For Top State Schools?

Is this course-load rigorous enough for schools like OSU, Purdue, U Washington and other top public schools? Along with schools like Syracuse, Fordham, Umiami and Penn State?

Hoping to get Weighted GPA to 3.4 with at least 29 ACT to make up for one D and two Cs freshman and sophomore year. Let’s just say this theoretically does happen, do I have a good chance? Or should I raise ACT?)

AP CS Principles

Dual Enrollment Psychology offered by Syracuse at my school

Honors Programming OR Italian.

Also, should I take AP Stat or Economics instead of the dual enrollment class since some colleges apparently don’t find certain dual enrollment classes to be as rigorous as AP classes?


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Any help or past experiences are deeply appreciated!

There isn’t enough information to comment about your courses. What are all the classes you are taking and what have you taken so far?

What is your intended major? If it’s CS, the flagships you mentioned are going to be a big reach.

I want to study classics. I have taken one honors freshman year (English) and the rest were regular classes. I dropped out of English with a C, however.