Is this essay topic weird?

I’m thinking about writing a supplemental essay on how I like playing games like the floor is lava even at 17 years old?

I plan on connecting this to a bigger personality trait but I feel that AOs might think I’m childish or weird?

Could be fun. It will depend on your writing skill.

Creative intelligence should be valued & respected by college admissions officers.

Weird can be a breath of fresh air if done well and connects to a positive trait that would be valued by an adcom.

Well, frankly, weird is often just weird. This isn’t an ordinary hs writing assignment, it’s about getting into college.

Would this show a personality trait relevant to your targets when they review you? Do you have a feel for what those are?

As long as the essay isn’t about playing games like the floor is lava. Might be a fun hook to get the reader’s attention but it needs to offer insights about traits that make you a desirable member of that college’s community.