Is this fine?

<p>1370, 3.625, 4.333 upward trend, 17/242, hardest courseload in school history, -French Club (11,12); VP (12)
-History Club (11,12)
-Science Club (11,12) </p>

<p>I meant to apply EA to UNC-CH so that if I got rejected, I could still apply to a lesser state school in time (ECU), but I don't think I have time, got too busy with other stuff, work, SAT's, hw, etc. I want to make sure that I'll get into a school, even if it's not Columbia. Just don't want to make a mistake and not have a safety and thus have the possibility of going to a CC. Can I consider GWU or CH safeties, or should I also apply to ECU? In-state for CH, btw. Thanks</p>

<p>GWU would be a safety, although I would recommend looking at Wake Forest, Davidson, and Guilford also. I'd apply to Duke too, as they are required to reserve so many places for NC residents.</p>

<p>Just my 2 cents.</p>

<p>thanks, anyone else?</p>

<p>ur definitely not gettin in anywhere...hehehe:)</p>