Is this good enough for an ivy league such as yale?

<p>4.2 GPA
fluent in 4 languages
Started an online business
Won a prestigious writing competition
National Merit Scholar<br>
AP scholar
Community Service 300 hours
Track for 2 years
Karate for 3 years
Chess Club founder/president
Winner of numerous Chess Tournaments
SAT score of 2350
glowing letters of recommendations</p>

<p>pretty good</p>

<p>85-95% chance</p>

Good luck!! </p>

<p>That’s just not enough info. It all looks great on paper, but how prestigious was the writing contest? Why do you only have 2 years of track and 3 of karate? What does your business do, and how successful is it? </p>

<p>Yes, it is certainly “good enough,” but that does not mean you’ll get in. Yale rejects thousands of terrifically qualified students every year. The only thing you can be confident of is that they will give your application serious consideration.</p>

<p>How did you become a national merit scholar?</p>


<p>@OP, anyone placing your odds higher than single digit percentages based on your post has no idea what they’re saying. Unless you’re a recruited track athlete, you’re a qualified candidate, but 85% likely is laughable. Good luck. You have a good chance, but that means <10%. </p>

<p>Unweighted GPA? Your weighted GPA seems a bit low.
If your unweighted GPA is 4.0, your chances at Yale are okay < 10%.
If your unweighted GPA is 3.9 to 4.0, your chances at Yale are not very good < 5%.
If your unweighted GPA is less than 3.9, your chances at Yale are bad < 1%.</p>

<p>@Applesauce234‌ - have you taken SAT subject tests? Many top schools require them. How did you do on the AP tests you took? You only need threes to get the AP Scholar distinction - that alone will not impress top schools. They want to see fives, or possibly fours on some of the harder exams.</p>

<p>@Mangiafuoco‌ - I concur. A 4.2 weighted GPA suggests either a very easy schedule, or a GPA that would be too low for serious consideration at most top schools - unless the OP is attending a school that only weights AP classes.</p>

<p>The National Merit Scholars have not yet been selected for this year. Unless you mean that you are a NMSF, I believe this post is made up.</p>