Is this good enough...

My daughter will be starting senior this year.
Below are her stats:

Extra Curricular Activities:
I. Dance
-ballet (7 yrs)
-intensive ballet with Pointe (2 yrs)
-Nutcracker roles (3 yrs)
*Spanish & Snow Angel
-Summer intensive ballet 2014 & 2015
-Spring Ballet Showcase 2015
-Dance Camp 2015

II. High School
-intermediate dance (2 yrs)
-advanced dance (1 yr)
-Science Olympiad (3 yrs)
*3rd Place Regional Finals, March 2015
-Chemistry Olympiad
-California Scholarship Federation (4 yrs)
-Puma Readers (2 yrs)
-SADD (2 yrs)
-Peer Leaders (1 yr)
-Honor Guard (1 yr)
-top 1% ranking (10/700)
AP courses: Bio, US History, World History, English, Chemistry, Calc AB, Calc BC, Calc D, Env Sc, Micro Econ

  1. National Student Leadership Conference -Medicine & Healthcare (UC Berkeley campus), summer 2014
  2. Southern California Golf Association -youth on course (2 yrs)
  3. Volunteer -80 hrs (Home Health Care)

Cumulative GPA: 4.33
Unweighted Cum GPA: 3.93
ACT: 27 (1st), 26 (2nd)
SAT II Chemistry: 660
SAT II Math 2: 610

She’s planning on Chemistry major, and minor in pre-med (Pharmacy). She really enjoys dancing, and has a real passion for ballet. She’s very humble and gets along with her peers–a bit shy but very kind. She writes excellent essays

By looking at her stats/personality, what are the chances of her getting accepted to Yale, Stanford, Brown, UCs, Caltech, or any top tier universities.

She sounds like a wonderful person but her chance at any of those schools with a 27 ACT is extremely small, not to mention as a chemistry major.

Students with 98% percentile scores routinely get rejected and a 27 is below the 90th.

Unless she looks at test optional schools, top tier schools are not realistic.

Good GPA, ranking and AP courses and interesting dance background so perhaps a test optional school is realistic in the upper tier. Not sure though. The northeast has a good number of excellent schools where her test scores are not required.


I am partially against what #2 had to say only because that some of it is not really true. It is totally possible to get admitted with a 27 ACT but the other portions of the application has to makeup for the test score. Also, a student with a 3.93+ UW gpa and a 27 on the ACT has no reason to apply to test optional schools because the test score is not ‘bad’ by any means. The EC looks good and is probably one of the strong points within your application. Just make sure to the student writes outstanding essays. However, I agree that the student needs to look at more realistic schools. The IVY’s are not going to admit anyone who lacks severely in one area. The UC’s is another story. Make sure to include safeties to that college list. Good luck!

@IBGuy101 read what I wrote carefully the OP asked about top tier schools. A 27 is a good score but not at that level. Would you advise submitting a 27 to Bowdoin, which is test optional. She looks like she has a shot there.

Thx Bates & IB…,appreciate it