Is this normal?!

<p>My school just started this system where we can see how many kids got accepted, deferred, rejected, and waitlisted by various schools last year in a scatterplot of GPAs and SAT scores. Here's a sampling of some of the stats:</p>

<p>Harvard - 43 applied, 2 accepted
Princeton - 74 applied, 17 accepted
Yale - 50 applied, 3 accepted</p>

<p>Do this many people typically apply to these kinds of colleges from all competitive public schools (our class size is about 330)? That's insane!</p>

<p>Yes, though you see to live in NJ.</p>

<p>Not at my school, and its one of the highest ranked public schools.</p>

<p>Is the system you got Naviance? Naviance rocks.</p>

<p>Naviance sucks! It's so depressing!</p>

<p>I can't imagine that thats normal.</p>

<p>Your school showing GPA v sat for the schools acceptance makes about as much sense as showing tire size as a comparison of acceleration among cars. It might have some impact, but we're talking harvard- they regulary reject 2400 4.0 25 AP type students.</p>

<p>Define "regularly"- besides, you misunderstood. The graphs show all the applications over the last 6 years from their school, and whether they were accepted, rejected, deferred, etc. The scatterplot of applications is gauged on an x-axis of SAT scores and y-axis of GPA. So its not a graph like you seem to think.</p>

<p>Nah I didn't misinterpret it. We just got Naviance this year, and my GC told me it only includes last year's data. Plus, I know who the Harvard and Yale admits were last year, as well as about half of the Princeton admits, and there were definitely others two years ago. The graphs also say 2005-2007, because, as my GC told me, the plan is to include this season's data as it comes in. And yes, I understand that it's a graph with GPA and SAT scores on its axes, as I mentioned in the original post; I also understand that each diamond/X/square corresponds to one person.</p>

<p>Alright then- theres nothing retarded about plotting applicants based on their academic factors.</p>

<p>My question was referring to the number of students applying from my school... lol in retrospect my OP was unnecessarily detailed. :p</p>