Is this not the most pathetic thing ever?

<p>Wow, your high school's administration is stupid...That is probably one of the dumbest things I have heard.</p>

<p>You know, if you all boycott the cafeteria (which shouldn't be hard to convince people) enough, you might change the light rule. </p>

<p>Or, you know, someone could sneak in at night and club the thing with an axe.</p>

<p>lulz that sounds like a Middle School type deal
I'm trying to imagine Deering or Bangor (massive compared to my HS) doing this, but it's hard</p>

<p>As others said, your high school's administration must be extremely incompetent if they have to resort to using a traffic light to calm the crowd.</p>

<p>Get out of that cafeteria, and eat somewhere else!</p>

<p>i had this... in third grade.</p>

<p>That's insane... I've never even heard of something like that before! LOL...</p>

<p>Food Fight!</p>

<p>If they are going to treat you like 3rd graders, act like third graders.
Play more shouting games.
Boycotting is a good idea too.</p>

<p>wow, that SUCKS. seriously, stage a mass protest. if none of ya'll buy lunch from the school...</p>

<p>Guys, it got worse.</p>

<p>So we're still on the light system as normal, but now there's a "star system" in place too. There's a big calendar on the wall for each lunch period (A-C) and for every day that the light remains green the entire lunch period, the lunch gets a gold star on the calendar. For every day that it doesn't turn red at all, but may be yellow, the lunch gets a silver star. For every 10-silver star days in a row or 3-gold star days in a row, the giant paper thermometer on the wall gets moved up one level. When the thermometer's to the top, the stoplight will be taken down for good, assuming we keep our good behavior.</p>


<p>How is that worse? Now you can get out of it.</p>

<p>I can't stop laughing ahhhhh :D Do they really think you're in first grade? Seriously... if it's a big school they should be expecting lots of noise.</p>

<p>where is this lol?</p>

<p>^yeah but I think the inane rewards system sounds pedantic in its own way.</p>


<p>.... because if one person yells like "yo dude" and an administrator hears, the light turns yellow. It's 100% impossible to go all green, and I have the feeling that avoiding red is also out of the question. </p>

<p>Today it turned red during the last few minutes because people started lining up by the door, and of course, they were talking.</p>

<p>We're not gonna get rid of it.</p>

<p>Yes the star system is a little farfetched. If the school doesn't want so much noise they should be talking to the physics teacher or someone who knows about acoustics. I'm sure certain fabrics and materials absorb sound, like in the library :D</p>

<p>Need I mention that the closest classroom to the cafeteria is ATLEAST a city block away.. so it's not like it's bothering anyone...</p>

<p>Ohhhh is your school like a campus rather than one large building? Yeah really, what should they be complaining about. They need to explore other alternatives, unless your cafeteria building just has shoddy craftsmanship.</p>

<p>No, it's just one building. But the cafeteria is farrrrr from the classrooms.</p>

<p>Hahaha we had the EXACT same thing at my elementary school!</p>

<p>Have somebody steal the traffic light.</p>