Is this pattern significant?

Schools I’ve been accepted to so far:
UGA (honors)
GSU (honors)

Neither received my common app essay or teacher recs.

Schools I’ve been deferred from so far:
Brown ED
Tulane EA

Both received the common app essay and the same teacher recs.

For reference: 35 ACT, 96/100 GPA unweighted. I understand that Tulane and Brown are incredibly competitive and wonderful schools. I don’t feel entitled to any acceptances. But I do want to know if it seems like there’s something that needs fixing.

I think the Tulane deferral was yield protection. Same thing happened with my older D with the same stats. Brown is just hard to get into, period. I assume someone - GC, parent - read your Common App and other essays?

I was deferred from Duke ED and just found out I was deferred Tulane EA. My ACT’s aren’t high, but our stats are somewhat similar. And my state school and safety accepted me.

Also, based on stats, I feel like both of us should have gotten into Tulane tbh

I don’t think there are enough data points to determine if the pattern is significant.
–Brown is hyper-competitive and regardless of how great your stats are and your application is, it is a longshot.

–Tulane has a bit of a reputation for not accepting people who they think are using the school as a safety. Did you show demonstrated interest in Tulane (ex. visit, contact admissions officer etc)?

If you are in doubt ask someone at your school to review your application, essay etc.

Also it looks like you may not have done the SAT II tests which are “highly recommended” by Brown by the 11/1 deadline which may have impacted your decision there.

@happy1 Brown did end up with SAT IIs for me. They weren’t killer–700 bio-e and 800 lit–but they were on time. You’re right about demonstrated interest at Tulane, though; I should absolutely have focused harder on that. Several people have reviewed my personal statement and given it a thumbs up (though I plan to check with more following this news!). What I’m truly terrified of is my teacher recs.

@suzy100 I did get a thumbs up from several adults before submitting, but I’m definitely getting another few reviews before RD! (Hoping for a solid one non-rejection.) I don’t know how honestly I can think of this as a yield protection deferral, but it is nice to know I’m not alone! Hope your daughter ended up somewhere lovely :slight_smile:

@WVOR357$ It really does hurt to be deferred. I’m sending you good college vibes for the RD round! (Will also be an RD Duke applicant!)

@saraheliza862, she was admitted to a wonderful array of schools, including 2 in the top 20. Please just make sure you have a number of matches and safeties that you really would be glad to attend. Best of luck to you!