is this place a sausage fest?

<p>title question.
i did an online college search and this came up. one of my criteria was that the genders need to be relatively balanced. however, i know this isnt true for most tech schools.
someone please clarify.</p>

<p>and if you want to tell me a little more about the school, thats cool too.
i love to snowboard, so the weather isnt a problem, but whats the social life like here?</p>

<p>hmm i visited mtu around Feb of 08 and it seemed real awesome.
lots of mountain biking trails, ski hill, cool quaint college town. but yeah
the gender ratio seemed a little off par for me
i hear its like a 3:1? but at tech schools that's about what you're lookin at
ha but i talked to this one kid who seemed like the popular kid in high school and asked him straight up in the lunch line "soooo is it there any girls here or what?" and he said there is and it's pretty easy if ur involved, in clubs, sports etc. -places to meet girls
but he went on saying how 1/3 of that 3:1 ratio was guys that have never talked to girls, and that another 1/3 was guys like him/me/u? and the other 1/3 was just awkward dorks? hmm but yeah overall he said not bad</p>

<p>oh the ski hill across the river was an awesome sight to be able to see everyday the hill was also pretty sweet little backcountry too, i was surprised and content with it, also another place called Mt. Bohemia is a short 45 min away check that out online</p>

<p>as for the rest of the social life, theres the sports portion, extensive list of clubs, and i guess parties like every other college? I've got a friend whos friend goes there and he's pretty much a van wilder i saw, it was great..</p>

<p>oh and their engineering programs are excellent too i hear .... ha </p>

<p>but about the sausage-ness of the school it is up there, but if your skills are sharp there should be no problem, i plan on enrolling there unless montana or colorado is cheaper...</p>