Is THIS possible? Have to know within 5 hours

<p>sorry for pushing the time limit....... anyways i took calculus ab this year since that's all my school offered and its a pretty hard program so it prepared me well; 5 on the ap calculus ab practice exams. Now the thing is I self-studied AP Calculus BC pretty quickly, and I know everything its just that I gotta practifce things a little more (ESPECIALLY SERIES and do some free response for BC). Having the information in my head, do you think I can practice enough on a weekend to get at least a 4 on the calc bc exam come tuesday? thank you</p>

<p>Just my opinion and advice that I received from my S's Calc teacher. He said that there is no down side in taking the BC exam. He recommends it for his kids who are thinking about a technical career. There are just a few extra things to learn to take the BC exam. Also the BC exam has an AB subscore. So if you don't do well on the BC part you will still have the AB score.</p>

<p>If you were my child I would encourage you to take the BC exam. Esp. if you feel confident enough to tackle it.</p>

<p>I disagree. Even though the BC has an "AB Subscore," doing bad on the exam can hurt this subscore and give you an AB score lower than what you would have gotten had you just taken AB. But if you understand the BC topics, go for it.</p>

<p>you're wrong because the ab subscore is due to ab questions on the test ONLY</p>