Is this possible?!

<p>I got accepted to a program in Camden and was wondering if I spend a year there, would I be able to transfer to New Brunswick while being in the same program? I want to dorm, that's why I want to transfer up to New Brunswick.</p>

<p>It is possible, but I believe you have to apply again to the New Brunswick campus and get accepted even though you may have applied to NB this year and you’re just deciding to go to Camden.</p>

<p>Awesome! So what would Rutgers look at when I transfer? Just my GPA?</p>

<p>[Rutgers</a> Undergraduate Admissions - School-to-School Transfer](<a href=“]Rutgers”></p>

<p>although under the same name, i was told that the gen ed requirements and courses are way different and may not even transfer back when i was considering transferring to NB.</p>

<p>Look at NJ transfer <a href=“”></a> and make sure when you register for classes at Camden that they are transferable to NB </p>