Is this possible?

<p>So I've graduated last quarter, regrettably with a sub-3.0 GPA (2.97ish). After dealing with post-grad life and exploring my options, I feel that I need another opportunity to raise my cumulative because of my ultimate motivation to study at the graduate level (which require a 3.0 minimum, usually).</p>

<p>Again, though I technically completed my required courses last quarter, is it possible that UCLA will let me change my degree expected date while upgrading my minor into a major (and thus giving me the opportunity to get that GPA up). This is assuming I have enough units to complete the major as well...</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch, would really appreciate the advice.</p>

<p>Plenty of lower tier Grad Schools will accept students with a 2.7 GPA, simply not for majors in math or sciences (or economics). My advice would be to work hard on your GRE and attempt to get your leg into one of these grad schools. With a high enough score and a compelling resume, they might be willing to admit you as a provisional student seeing as you came from UCLA and your GPA is barely under 3.0. From there on, your undergrad GPA will be ancient history and you could attempt to transfer into a better grad school after a year or two if you wish.</p>