is this really a big party school

<p>I am attendng Q next year as a diagnostic image major. im not big into the party life, so i am contemplating whether i should commute or live on campus. is Q a really big party school</p>

<p>I have two sons that go to school at QU. They say that there are parties if you want to find them, but the health science majors spend a lot of time studying. I would say medium for the party school.</p>

<p>We visited yesterday and found the campus really beautiful. Tour guide, a senior, specifically addressed alcohol. Over 21 students are OK with a "reasonable" amount but no open containers around campus and he said that a keg does not qualify as "reasonable". Under-21 students subject to increasing discipline if caught with alcohol. My wife also noticed a story in school paper about several underage students disciplined for having fake ID's.</p>

<p>Its a party school. Its really well disguised if you follow what the guides say, it doesn't really seem to be a big factor, but it is. I like to use the term Closet Party School. Its well hidden from the outside and the administration really does not care about alcohol abuse. Its really not all that rare to see people openly walking around the halls with alcohol on weekends.</p>

<p>if you're going to be a DI major there wont be any partying for you after your first year to enjoy your first year immensely. I started a DI major. In the second year you'll start clinical earlier than anyone else on campus. 16 hrs of your week is spent in clinical (8 hrs for 2 day) usually anatomy lecture follows clinic from 6-9. be prepared to be in class heavily for the rest of the week. </p>

<p>you'll spend hrs in the lab on the new campus in north haven trying to figure out how to get the right image. Do not get into this major if you are not absolutely in love with the field of work. weekends will be spent studying for hours. The best professor you'll have will be Bill Hennessy (but dont be fooled his exams are hard as hell)</p>

<p>needless to say, Im a political science major now.</p>

<p>yes, but the girls are really stuck-up and cocky over nothing so don't get too excited. Kids LOVE to go to New Haven Thursday and Saturday nights, and off campus houses are where parties are at.</p>