Is this schedule doable?

For next year, I was planning on taking four AP classes(Calc AB, Psycology, Macro and Micro) along with two honors(honors Calc which is required before AP and physics). Our school has a block schedule, so four classes per semester. Also, Micro and Macro are online classes. Right now I’m in trig which is really easy and AP Bio which is really hard in specific chapters but easy overall. Does this seem like too much after taking only 1 AP previously? I know people say it depends on the school, but the material is the same. Does anybody have general advice on the workload and difficulty of each AP?

are you going to be a senior? Have you taken pre-calc? Don’t you have to take English?

No I’m going to be a junior. We have no official pre Calc but the teachers said pre Calc stuff is taught AT&T the end of trig and beginning of honors Calc. Regular English and regular history would finish my schedule.

If you do Calc AB + micro or macro, then Psych + micro or macro, you’ll be fine/ Micro and macro are actually designed to be taught over a semester, so they wouldn’t be too intense.

I agree with MYOS; it’s definitely doable.

Its doable but don’t be surprised when your GPA drops to a 3.2 lol It happened to almost everyone in my class. I was smart enough to only take 3 period of AP :slight_smile:

That schedule is doable. Work hard to make sure your GPA doesn’t drop that much. It’ll be understandable if it DOES happen though with having those AP’s.