Is this schedule overwhelming/what should i cut?

hey! i’m a rising junior, and trying to decide on my classes for next year.
these are the most rigorous options available to me, and i have the option to take all aps/honors. but honestly, i don’t think i’m going to be able to handle that schedule, and i want to pare down a few classes to regular level. from your experience, what’s the most time consuming of all these classes/what should i cut out?

-ap lit
-ap psych
-ap calc ab
-h physics
-h span 4

for reference, this year i’m taking precalc, span 3, english, h chem, pe, and ap world and getting all a’s. ap psych and ceramics are my required elective/art classes
i have no idea what i want to go into in college yet but i’m going to apply to mostly ucs and csus, if that makes a difference

At my D’s school, AP Lit is known for being time consuming (you’re taking Lit before Language?)

APUSH has a lot of reading, but it’s a good class to take.

Those are probably the only two that I’d flag as intensive. But understand that it can vary from school to school and even teacher to teacher.

Do you know what you want to pursue in college? Work your way back from there. So for example if it won’t require or be as useful, then drop Physics and keep the Calc AB and plan Senior year on taking BC.

Will you have a year of the same kind of art during high school as required by UCs and CSUs?

Subject requirement (A-G) | UC Admissions says that this means “One yearlong course of visual and performing arts chosen from the following disciplines: dance, music, theater, visual arts or interdisciplinary arts — or two one-semester courses from the same discipline is also acceptable.” So splitting between ceramics (visual art) and choir (music) does not look like it will meet that requirement.

Otherwise, it looks like you have a typical academic schedule with one each of English, math, science, foreign language, and art, plus two social studies, but most of the courses at the honors/AP level. Is this the usual progression in your high school (whether or not students choose honors/AP)?

i haven’t chosen between ceramics and choir yet but the class i choose will be yearlong
it’s the usual progression, but i don’t know what aps to cut to avoid overloading my schedule

I think this is really specific to your HS, so you’re better off getting info from seniors who took these classes already.

Unlike @RichInPitt, at my kid’s school APUSH didn’t have all that much reading. And AB Calc was time consuming and difficult.

Hence the

At my D’s school,


understand that it can vary from school to school and even teacher to teacher.

Apush probably has the most extensive amount of work for the classes your are looking to take