is this schedule too much?

<p>it's going to be my first quarter at ucsc.
i was wondering if this schedule may be too overwhelming</p>

<p>my core class CLEI 5 units
a co-requisite class (mandatory for the core class) 3 units
math 3 (pre-calc) 5 units
CMP3 5 units</p>

<p>18 units in total. i heard that the computer class is super easy ! I'm not sure if my core class will be tough and my pre calc teacher had really good reviews. should i just drop the comp class? HELP ?!</p>

<p>I'd say give it a try. You can drop the CMPE 3 if you find the work load to be too much. Definitely take Math 3, I had the same teacher for calculus and he is indeed an excellent teacher. Are you considering Computer Science/Engineering as your major?</p>

<p>no i'm considering a psych major (:
im just taking the comp class bc its an easy GE
pre -calc on the other hand is a requirement for a psych major .
oh is he? thats really good to here. i was getting worried about that class for a sec.</p>

<p>CMPE 3 is RIDICULOUSLY easy. If you know how to open microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, know basic HTML, and can memorize hw questions... there is no reason to get anything lower than a 94%. I went to class 5 times (3 of those were for exams) and I still received 110% in the class. He does have attendance questions, but you can just ask a friend to give you the answer for those.</p>

<p>Woot. I know what GE I'm taking in Winter then :D hahahahaha</p>