Is this schedule unrealistic?

<p>Here's what I would <em>like</em> to take next year (I'll be a senior).</p>

<p>AP Biology
AP Chemistry (online)
AP Physics C Mechanics + E&M (online)
AP Macro/Microeconomics (online)
Linear Algebra/Multivariable Calculus (online)
British Literature
Spanish IV
Jazz Band</p>

<p>I pulled off this schedule last year with 5s on all APs and middle-high As</p>

<p>AP Calculus BC
AP Comp Sci A
AP Statistics
AP US History
English III Honors
Chemistry Honors
Spanish III
Jazz Band
Independent Science Research Project</p>

<p>I know it's very Science/Math focused, but I would like to be an engineer and go to Cornell or somewhere of the like and I wasn't able to do AP science up until now. I don't think any of the courses individually would give me trouble, but they might be too heavy all together. </p>

<p>The courses I'm somewhat flexible on taking are AP Chem and maybe Physics E&M. I'd like to do it all, though. Do you think it can be done?</p>

<p>It is doable, but I don't recommend it. U're just asking to be overloaded. Plus, as a senior colleges just want u to maintain a level of rigor in u're schedule, not exponentially increase it.</p>

<p>I would recommend dropping one of those sciences, and, IMO, AP Bio is the one to drop. Bio is very heavy on memorization, and that can be too overwhelming w/ all that u have going on. Plus, for most engineering that is the least useful sciences. </p>

<p>Though, personally I would not take 2 AP sciences at the same time. I would further recommend dropping one of the other sciences (whichever one interests u the least) and replacing it w/ an easier AP (AP Psych could very nicely fill the void).</p>

<p>I think it may be doable, but you have too many online AP classes. Just my opinion but I don't think doing Chem, Physics and Linear Algebra/Multivariable Calculus online is that realistic so if I were you, I might drop one of the online classes.</p>

<p>Definitely doable, if you stick your mind to it. It's also a good idea; doing the "big three" science APs (biology, chemistry, physics) would not only look good, but would be excellent preparation for engineering at a school like Cornell.</p>