Is this score good enough for this situation?

<p>Assuming high school transcript/recs/EC's good, what would a 2250 SAT (740 CR 740 M 770 W)/ 2260 (CR 740 M 740 W 780) Superscore be like in terms of admissions chances for the following such programs, along with schools perhaps such as some ivies/Uchicago? I know the chances for general universities but these programs are what I'm wondering about.</p>

<p>University of Delaware Honors Program
George Washington University Honors Program</p>

<p>I'm just unsure if I should retake.</p>


<p>Im sure you are fine. You don't show any apparent weakness in any category in particular and once you are above the 2200 mark, everything is about the same. Unless you have some personal goal of doing better, i dont think you should take it again.</p>


<p>your scores look perfectly fine to me, but if you're really nervous you could try to find average scores for students admitted to those programs.</p>