Is this score good enough?

<p>I got about 1760 on the recent SAT and am planning on appying to University of Texas at Austin. Is this score good enough? I got a 660 on math if it's any compensation??</p>

<p>I've seen people with 1700+ admitted into top50, but really rare. So if time is abundant, why not take the test again? It wouldn't hurt.</p>

<p>Im in the same position my scores were poor like 1780</p>

<p>if you are in the top 8% then yeah sure.</p>

<p>poor? 1780? lol ok..</p>

<p>1780 is a good score. Did the distribution differ from test to test? UT @ Austin might superscore the SAT, it's worth looking into.</p>

<p>It's also worth doing a few practice tests and retaking in December or November if you went today.</p>

<p>I have decided to retake the SAT in December. I am very determined to cross the 2000 border. Any advice? BTW, would 1740 be a good score for Texas A&M?? According to their website, the average is 1210?? (Is that right??)</p>

<p>if the average is 1210, then they may be referring to the combined Critical Reading and Math scores only. Some schools don't use the Writing section of the SAT for admissions, maybe they are one of them. </p>

<p>Also I think you can do it, in terms of crossing that 2000 border! I did the Nov SAT and I feel very confident that I crossed the 2000 border coming from my 1850. You just have to work hard and commit to it. Good Luck!</p>