Is this strange

<p>So today I had my interview with Johns Hopkins University and was contacted two weeks before the interview by the alumnis secretary to schedule a time. He was only available at his doctors office so that was the meeting place. </p>

<p>When I got there his sec. was leaving and it was just me and him in his office and later after someone tried to come in he asked me if it was okay to lock the door. I said sure and didnt really think anything of it until I left. I never felt uncomfortable but do you think it is okay for a 60 yr old man to have an interview in his office in an isolated building with only me there?</p>

<p>yea, why not</p>

<p>It's strange. I suspect you were a bit uncomfortable and that is why the post question. As a general rule in life, it's not a great idea to be isolated with a strange man in a locked room.</p>

<p>It's a matter of context and given the alum's age, he probably isn't sensitive to how it might appear to you or an outside observer. Locking the door isn't strange for a business that needs to close and not have anyone come in. In hindsight, if I were he, I would have accompanied you to a nearby coffee shop or McDonalds.</p>

<p>But in his mind, there was probably nothing untoward. He was raised in a generation where you accepted the hospitality of your seniors and that was taken for granted. Whether it be an invitation to his home or office or whereever. Only recently have we (and colleges) become aware that it might cause discomfort for some students. My alma mater's guidelines are explicit in this -- again because it's needed to inform the older alums about the new reality.</p>

<p>I had to interview a guy and a girl at my home a few years ago b/c my kids were still young and my wife had to go into the office last minute during the evening. I couldn't get a babysitter at late notice so I called the students and had them come to my home. I made a point to tell them the reason and when they arrived, I introduced my kids to them and we interviewed in the front dining room. I think all was fine.</p>

<p>But I can certainly see how some alums may not be aware or sensitive to the scenario.</p>