Is this too much for one summer class?


<p>I was planning to take a class this summer at UIC. Just one - english 160 (3 credits). The pricing info is listed below.</p>

<p>Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 Tuit Undergrad Res $1,251.00<br>
Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 Health Service Fee UIC $71.00<br>
Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 CampusCare Health Insur. Fee $264.00<br>
Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 General Fee $295.00<br>
Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 Library & IT Assessment $67.00<br>
Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 Service Fee UIC $202.00<br>
Summer 2010 - Chicago 26-May-2010 Acad Facility Maint Fund Assmt $94.00 </p>

<p>total balance of $2,244.00</p>

<p>is this too much for ONE college class? I mean, 2244 dollars? Should I just wait until the fall?</p>

<p>There has to be a mistake! Are you sure you didn't accidently say you were a full-time student or something? That's just weird!</p>

<p>I just checked the UIC tuition schedule for Summer 2010, two things to note:</p>

<p>1) You're paying health insurance which isn't necessary if you're either a dependent or have a job where your insurance is covered.</p>

<p>2) You're taking 3 credits, which falls into the tuition for 3-6 credits. In other words, you could add another 3 credit class for free.</p>

<p>So you should be paying ~$2,000 for 2 classes rather than $2250 for 1 class.</p>

<p>But to answer the question, $2,000 for 6 credits is a bit high. I'm paying ~$2,400 in-state at wisconsin for 9 credits. It's not an absurd rate, though, you just took the worst possible combination of choices.</p>

<p>That's a lot of fees on top of the tuition.</p>

<p>I'm at Iowa State, and paying around $900 for a 3-credit class. All of our summer course tuition is strictly per credit, not grouped into "0-3", "3-6", "6-9" or whatever UIC is charging you.</p>

<p>$2250 for 3 credits is ridiculous and if there isn't another course you want to take to "fill out" the 6 credits a little more, I'd wait until fall or spring.</p>

<p>We also don't have to pay our health fee ($71 for us) if taking 0-4 summer credits. See if UIC has a similar exemption. And check w/ what justtotalk said about health shouldn't have to pay that if you're a dependent or have a job that pays it.</p>

<p>Welcome to UIC, where they love their fees. Over in SSB, you can get a copy of the insurance waiver form. Sigh, the Library and IT, and facility fees are all rather new. They came about because of the fixed 4 year tuition and the state reducing its financial contribution. They can raise fees on you if you have the fixed tuition. The health fee is required. Since you are taking 3 hours, you are in the 3-5 credit hour tuition fee range.
UIC</a> Admissions and Records - Undergraduate Tuition and Fees</p>

<p>At a local private college I paid $6000 for 6 credits. The 2 classes I'm taking are waves and oscillations, and intro to electrical engineering. Both classes have labs. I had no choice but to take them there. My school charges $925 a class, but they weren't offering these classes, and wouldn't let me do them as an independent study because of the labs. I checked a bunch of other schools and the local state school but none of them were offering these courses. The school I'm taking these classes at probably knows this and they probably figured they can charge a premium because of this.</p>

<p>At my school, a 4 credit class is $2200 in tuition alone...and that's why I'm taking the equivalent of the class at a community college where the total bill is under $700.</p>

<p>What? That is ridiculous. I plan on taking 10 credit hours (Bio and Chem) at my local community college, $79/credit hour.</p>

<p>I wish the community colleges here were that cheap! Most are between $130 and $150/credit.</p>

<p>I had a state scholarship for my community college classes. I think the only time I paid more than $500 for a semester was during the summer. 6 credits cost me around $700.</p>

<p>I <3 my community college. $26/unit :) though now I think they are raising it to $40/unit</p>

<p>Dang your community colleges are cheap!</p>

<p>That seems a little ridiculous. I'm taking one class this summer at my community college, 3 credits, and overall it cost 370.</p>

<p>take the class at CC</p>