Is this true?

<p>I heard Columbia had a relatively large problem with cocaine dealing rings. When i first heard about this i thought it was referring to the nation of Columbia, but apparently it was pertaining to the university. I understand New York has a high crime rate, but i expected a prestigious Ivy league university to be relatively safe from these problems.</p>

<p>a) it is colombia, the nation.</p>

<p>b) every ivy league school has drug problems. rich kids with free time on their hands = drugs.</p>


<p>^ second admissionsgeek’s statement</p>

<p>ivy leagues are not exactly a “heaven” free from sin or something xD</p>

<p>A) I’m almost 100% sure that it’s not the country of Columbia</p>

<p>B) I don’t know about you, but i don’t think every college has major drug rings being infiltrated by the DEA and ending up on bbc news.</p>


<p>a) it is COLOMBIA, the country that is.</p>

<p>b) the DEA never infiltrated columbia university. it was undercover cops from the nypd. big difference.</p>

<p>One of the greatest obstacles to the practice of PR damage control is the imagination of the biased idiot.</p>

<p>Yeah, the cocaine rings are definitely a major part of the undergrad experience here. During freshman year you usually get jumped into one of the rings (no, you don’t get to choose which one and you certainly don’t get to decline the offer) but we mostly all get along.</p>

<p>What you’ve seen on the news is just the kind of collateral damage that is part and parcel of the long-standing tradition of Ivy League on-campus narcotics trafficking. Ever year or so, you’ll be in some boring class, barely staying awake, and BAM! The DEA comes storming in, arresting your classmates, firing bullets into the crowd, etc. You totally get used to it. That’s life in crazy NYC!</p>

<p>And you’re sort of half-right… At COLUMBIA we have drug cartels that report back to COLOMBIA. In fact, if you’re accepted you’ll likely end up doing a semester “abroad,” which is mostly a few months on the outskirts of Bogota learning how to cut and weigh product, silence rival cartels, etc. Then, unless you’re a legacy or have family making substantial donations to the University, you’ll act as a mule on your way back to Morningside Heights. It sucks but we all do it!</p>

<p>yeah dude most of the kids at my school that do drugs are rich, preppy, caucasians…</p>

<p>I mean, environments are that in high schools/colleges across america. Some frats at columbia do secretly deal with drugs, but i mean i dont think it would be too hard for you to stay away from environments like that, if it truely bothers you.</p>

<p>I read this in the New York Times a few months back:
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<p>That being said, I seriously doubt that the drug culture at Columbia is much higher than it is at any other similar school.</p>

<p>At literally ANY college you go to, there will be drugs. Columbia is stationed in NYC. It is filled with rich kids. Do you know what that equals? Drugs.</p>

<p>No one is going to force you to snort cocaine. Just stay away from it, and it shouldn’t matter. If you want a drug free campus, good luck finding any school that offers it.</p>

<p>Columbia is a prestigious IvyLeague school, but it is comprised of TEENAGERS living ALONE in a large CITY with lots of MONEY. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, someone’s gonna be doing drugs.</p>

<p>haha sorry, but this is a stupid thread. there’s drugs everywhere. couple years ago, a dealer who was friends with some harvard students came into the dorms, and there was a gunfight and someone got killed. this stuff happens everywhere. most people just don’t get caught. of course, that doesn’t mean those kids weren’t being extremely dumb, dealing drugs in the first place, but something like this does not reflect on the community or institution as a whole</p>

<p>if you do want a drug free campus, i think Liberty University is pretty drug free. as with other very religious schools. so there is always that option.</p>