Is this weird to do?

<p>I'll be starting college this Fall. I'm hoping to take the metra then the pace bus to get to my campus. The only problem is I'll most likely have on campus commitments that run later than the bus does. Would it be weird to ask a student to drop me off at the train station (I think it's like 4 miles from campus)?</p>

<p>Weird in the sense that it's unusual? Yes. It's just going to depend on luck and whether you can find a stranger comfortable enough to give you a ride.</p>

<p>Actually, I'll be driving for the first week or two, so I'm hoping I'll get to know some people by then (I'm going to a very small Christian private college).Also, it's only on Tuesdays and Thursdays (as far as I know) that I'll need a ride. I understand, though, that it'll be mostly a luck thing.</p>

<p>I mean, if the person is a complete stranger, perhaps. But it's perfectly normal to ask people for a quick ride, as long as you chip in some gas money from time to time and the driver isn't ****ed at you for getting a ride.</p>