Is this workload for junior year too much?

I’m going into my junior year of high school and I plan on taking 5 AP classes:
AP Physics 1
AP World History
AP Spanish Lang
AP BC Calc
AP English Lang
This seems kinda difficult considering I’m the varsity captain of my field hockey and lacrosse team and since I plan on working about 15 hours a week to help my family with expenses. I’m also in a dual enrollment program at my school which means we graduate with an associates degree at the end of high school. With that being said, I would have to take 2 additional classes at the local community college. This workload seems impossible, but I don’t have much room to change it. Please give me advice on what I should do and if you have any tips? Thanks

If you’re overwhelmed with your workload, change it. Quality is much better than quantity. Talk to people in your school and figure out which classes you’d like the most and have a reasonable amount of work. You could not take certain APs if they’re similar to your college courses. Good luck and don’t overwhelm yourself :slight_smile:

Can you take Calculus 2 and Spanish 201-202 (3rd and 4th semester) at the community college? That’d make the two classes you need to take and it’d lighten up your HS schedule, without sacrificing any rigor.

It does sound like your worried otherwise you wouldn’t be asking. I like the idea of taking two of the classes through dual enrollment since you need those credits anyway. If you already have those categories covered think about dropping an AP for honors level class for ELA, history, and/or science (depends on what your school offers).

Work sounds like it needs to be a priority activity for your family which is fine. A part time job is a well respected ec and can show leadership etc. Consider dropping one or both captain positions if it requires extra work. Yes you might enjoy it but sometimes something has to give.

Some people are overworked with one AP, some can take 8 and be fine. Without knowing your history and personal situation, it’s hard to say.

Having said that, students are overconfident much more frequently than they underestimate themselves. If your are worried about the load, that’s a sign that it may be too much (and a a very good indication of self-awareness - bravo!).

Is there a reason there’s “not much room to change getting an associate degree at the same time as HS? This would seem to be an unnecessary complication that could harm you in the long run. I would suggest focusing on HS, ECs and supporting your family, assuming that’s necessary.

@RichInPitt I’ve already completed about 35 credits out of 60 and by getting an associate in HS it would reduce the costs of going to a 4-year university. Due to financial circumstances, I was given financial aid to complete it for free. What I’m trying to say is that it’d be cost-effective to complete the degree with it being at no charge. Thanks for replying!

What colleges are you targeting? Have you talked to your GC about what you would lose if anything if you lightened your school load and took equivalents courses at the Community college under a Dual Enrollment? Without a better picture of what’s at stake here, it’s difficult to advise.