Is this yale?

<p>I'm looking for a college that is strong in academics, specifically physics and math, but has a lot else to offer. Definitely want a fun campus, interesting/diverse people. I could go for a decent amount of parties, people who take academics pretty seriously but aren't afraid to let lose after hours. I can definitely be a slacker myself. I want a fairly attractive campus, or at least don't want myself saying how ugly the people are or where are all the hot girls. I could go for an interesting surrounding area, preferably a nice city with lots to do. I want opportunities around campus to pursue science and math topics. Involved teachers and classes that aren't too big but don't have to be really small. Friendly/nice people on campus. Applying to top colleges in my field has me a little worried about nerdy/techy campuses, I definitely don't want this and want a campus where there are a lot of people who are pursuing different interests. Also a fairly equal number of boys and girls. Good sports teams would be nice. </p>

<p>Anyways thats probably my ideal college scene. How does Yale match up with that? What are things one should worry about or definitely look for if you ever went to visit. What are things that only a person that goes there would really know. Common misconceptions.</p>

<p>Any help would be appreciated since I am trying to cut down on my college applications, and please try to keep the bias to a minimum and don't be vague.</p>

<p>I notice that you have made this identical post on the CC pages for about 15 different colleges. Getting other people to do your research for you, eh?</p>

<p>my reply to your exact post is in the Upenn thread.</p>

<p>yale fits a lot of your criteria, but i would say where you would be really happy is MIT. strong in physics/math obviously. and contrary to common misconception, it has pretty good humanities and lots of extracurriculars. as for partying, MIT students party a lot on the weekends and there is a large presence of frats and sororities (i think 50% of guys in frats, 30% girls) who throw a lot of parties. i went to a bunch of them when i was there for their accepted student weekend and they were pretty good - u will also see students from BU, wellesley, harvard, etc, at MIT parties. nice city right there obviously w/ lots of opportunities. MIT is trying to balance out boy/girl ratios and for the undergrad specifically, it is almost 50-50. MIT also is a college w/ one of the largest amount of sports teams and a few of them are really good (crew i think is one) as for attractive ppl, MIT definitely has them (again, despite misconceptions), as I was there and met a lot of them. honestly, if i didnt pick yale, i would be at MIT right now. i also had a lot of misconceptions about the nerdy/techy environment and there are definitely ppl like that, but there are also a lot of ppl that are not at all like that. in any case, apply (what do you have to lose?) and visit!</p>