Is three years too late to file a complaint?

Some people may laugh about this but I had taken my gmat and did so absurdly different from my testing conditions with a higher score in math 90th percentile and a low score in reading , opposite of how I did at home.

Some people may laugh about this but I had a horrible GMAT testing a couple years back when I had the free time and thought I can study and take this for when I went to apply for b-school down the road.

I basically went to the test site in Manhattan, feeling somewhat groggy and tired. I knew the length of the test and was afraid I’d be tired by the final SC/RC section. The lady, with attitude, at the front desk said you can just go to the startbucks at the front of the property. At my break when I wanted to go out, she said, althgouh at the front of the same building is technically at a different address. I ended up crashing and having to ‘rest my eyes’ 3 min durng the last section where I had the mots wrong.

Is it still possible to complain and possibility get rid of my scores for this?

I’m sorry, but your next to last paragraph is basically incomprehensible to me. Exactly what would you be complaining about? And, yes, I am sure it is far too late to complain about it no matter what your grievance might be. You apparently made a bad choice [if I have correctly interpreted your post] by taking the test without studying. I do not see how you could wipe out those scores. You can take it again and do better.

I studied for it but on the test day, I expected to re-energize my focus with a cup of coffee, as I had done and expected to do, while practicing. I was NOT allowed to do so, after a test admin said I was allowed to go to the starbucks a hundred feet from the center, and then later changed her story.

I ended up crashing in the exam because of this.