Is TIME on my side?

<p>I plan on taking these SAT subject tests in june</p>

<li>Biology [haven’t decided on E or M yet]</li>
<li>Math 2</li>

<p>my math history:
algebra, geo, algebra 2, pre cal, ap calculus ab</p>

<p>and my science history:
biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and phys, health science.</p>

<p>Do you think i have enough time by then to prepare for it?
furthermore, if I take Bio E in june and I take Bio M in august.
would that count as two seperate Sat Subject scores, or would it be counted as one?</p>

<p>You should have more than enough time to prep for both; Math II doesn't cover any calculus, so it'll be a matter of remembering all your pre-calc material. Since you've taken biology, again it should just be review, depending on how much depth you covered in your course.</p>

<p>I'm fairly certain Bio E and M would be considered 1 subject, not two.
Note that there are no subject test dates in August; the next one after June is in October.</p>

<p>on the bio E and M: they're two separate scores, but they're for the same subject, i.e. if you get a 730 taking the E part, then a 780 taking the M, colleges will only accept the 780, they won't take them as two separate subject tests.</p>

<p>you should have enough time to prepare. biology is not very comprehensive, especially if you're taking biology right now. i went into the test without any review, just my AP Bio class, and scored a 760.</p>

<p>math iic can be thoroughly reviewed in two weeks, so you definitely have enough time. just get a review book and take the practice tests, then go over what you got wrong and you'll be fine. since you have so much time you can even do them once a week instead of the every other day that I did to cram for the test.</p>

<p>you should have taken the math IIC right after precalc, but I have friends that received good scores even after waiting a year. buy a barron's for it; its definitely harder than the test you'll take in june, but the actual test will seem much easier on the test day.</p>

<p>thanks :]
im lucky to have found this forum lol.
stumbled on it while surfing the web during spring break</p>