Is too late for a scholarship?

<p>I applied RD and I got accepted early to Northeastern, but based on other threads most of the persons who got in ealr got scholarships or made honors.</p>

<p>So is it too late to receive a scholarship or any fiancial aid?</p>

<p>I'm an international student, idk if thts a factor.</p>

<p>Not sure about a merit scholarship, but international students are NOT need-blind. That means that if they think you’ll need a bunch of need-based financial aid, they might not admit you. So you might not want to get too dependant on the idea of getting financial aid.</p>

<p>Not all EA students received scholarships…
My D was accepted Early Action but did not rec scholarship, which surprised me as she did at all of her other schools. Looking at posts, I see students received scholarships that had lower grades than her so I am not sure how it works. She has a 3.8 gpa, rank 16/438, 15 honors classes, 5 ap classes, 1 dual enrollment class, 200+ community service hours, vp of drama, treasurer of Leo (community service club), class council rep, student council, SADD, etc… Her SAT’s were not great 1920 but not as bad as some I’ve seen that rec both honors & merit.
Applied to College of Science, Mathematics major
This is a HUGE disappointment as she really wanted to go here and we don’t think she can without the scholarship. (We are not international)</p>

<p>Did she read through her entire acceptance letter? It seems that a lot of people have unfortunately just skimmed through it and assumed they didn’t get honors/scholarships. Do you have to fill out the FAFSA or CSS or something to be considered for scholarships?</p>

<p>Yes we did read the letter, many times, hoping we missed something. Also, on the web portal under Decison Documents it only shows decision letter and financial aid. The financial aid letter lists some loans that we may be eligible for. Big disappointment. Thanks for asking though.</p>

<p>Sally096, the only thing I can think of is that as a Math major she might not have been in the top 25% of that major in stats. If I remember they say that students are considered for Honors if they fall into the top 10% of admitted students, and merit awards are given to the top 25% of admitted students in each major… bummer :(</p>

<p>It’s the opposed, actually. Honors is 10% of each college, and awards are 25% of admitted students. That is why it’s actually kind of common to find an engineering student with a high scholarship but no honors, but an CAS student with a low scholarship and honors.</p>

<p>Have you tried calling them to ask why you didn’t get it or if they could reconsider? The worst thing they’ll do is say no.</p>

<p>I applied early and I had similar stats, but I didn’t get any scholarship money. The school’s site says they release it with the admission decision, which sucks, because there was nothing there. But they start sending out financial aid packages march 15th, so I dont know there might be something in there. I know I dont qualify for need base or FASFA or anything, but other schools have given me additional grants ontop of the academic scholarship in the financial aid package, its usually a small amount like 3 grand a year. It is one of the most expensive schools in the country, and they know that, but thats why they go completely out of their way to almost guarentee you a job. Like people are heavily encouraged to take like 3 co-ops and the stat I read said like within 6mos of graduation 98% are employed or enrolled in grad school. So idk, in these economic times, it might be worth the extra cash. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I agree with amazinggrace; my son is a sophomore at NEU and was accepted to all 6 colleges he applied to for engineering, including RIT, another Co-Op school. Northeastern gave him no additional money, unlike any of the other schools. UVM didn’t do much, but they did something; RIT was quite generous. Florida Tech gave him so much money, I would have hardly had to borrow anything, but he was really set on going to NEU and loves it. It was a tough decision to send him there and he has switched out of Engineering (turned out not to be his “thing” after all), and is currently enrolled in Anthropology and International Affairs, with a minor in Marketing, but I am hoping he ends up in Communications with a Business Minor. </p>

<p>I am quite concerned about what Co-Op jobs he’s going to find in Anthropology that will pay; we had counted on the paid Co-Op jobs in Engineering. At any rate, we are borrowing quite a bit of money for him to attend NEU but they did increase his aid a bit last Fall due to some extenuating circumstances. It seems that once a student has gotten through their first year at NEU, the college is very helpful in adddressing any issues. It really is a great school, if your daughter really wants to go and you are able to figure it out, definitely worthwhile - best of luck with your decision!</p>