Is top 5% bad?

<p>This is about the teacher recommendations thing, particularily, the checklist. You know where it says like "top 10%", "top 5%", "One of the best in my career"...etc, if you get a teacher who checks mostly "top 5%" for you, will that hurt your chances? My school is very competitive though.</p>

<p>Yea i was wondering about that also. Do teachers have to check "one of best..." for everything for u to look good as an applicant?</p>

<p>No, and if they do it doesnt look realistic anyway. Its better to only have a few of them.</p>

<p>Yeah that's true. No one person can be "one of the best ever" in every topic in two different academic subjects and in their counselor rec, right?</p>

<p>well it depends if you're the 1% or the 5% innit?
that said, i think the adcom recognizes that this isnt really objective since its mostly about perceptions and relations. its very human, fluid etc. the numbers dont mean as much as the overall image they create.</p>

<p>do you really think theres some weighing scale at the adcom where they compare 2 people and say 'this guy had a 1% higher position he must be a better candidate'?</p>

<p>you all sound insane. teachers cannot put
one of the best" for everybody- that would be a direct contradiction of terms. THis is like the kid with a 1600 asking "is that bad?". Give me a break! Go get some sun!</p>