Is transferring with a 2.5 GPA good enough to get into a cal state or most likely, Cal State LA?

I’m an IT major and would like to transfer to the lower class/non competitive 4 year unis. Right now on the list I have Cal State LA and I’m a shophomore with a 2.3 GPA from freshman year. I’m trying to improve my grades this fall semester and I’m dropping one class which is my last English class to transfer which ill take next semester. I have work and little to no time to study. I know I shouldn’t aspire to get C’s but I know I’m going to do well in my theater arts class as well ask for help in my history class. What if I end up with a 2.5 gpa by the time I transfer? Will I still be able to transfer to a cal state? Is it gonna affect my major requirements or something? What if I transfer with that and do better at the university?

I do not think you should have any problems transferring to CSULA but not sure what other schools you are targeting? Do you have to work to afford the CCC you are attending? Do you plan to work or need to work while attending CSULA? Have applied to financial aid at your CCC or plan to for CSULA since costs will be more to attend?