Is trinity college a good place to study science or psychology?

<p>I got into trinity, RPI, penn state, and several other places. I was wondering if trinity college is a good place to study science (chem) or psychology. If i'm going into science major is research universities like RPI better?</p>

<p>Trinity is a great place to study science while staying well rounded. There are a fair share of premeds, as well. What's nice about Trin is the diversity of disciplines among the student body.....I was engineering & computer, one roomate was biochem and other roomate was Psych.</p>

<p>"The Wall Street Journal ranked Trinity as one of the top 50 best "feeder schools" for top graduate school programs.[9] Data compiled by the National Science Foundation lists Trinity as a liberal arts college that graduates disproportionately high numbers of future scientists." Quoted from Wikipedia, but assertions are cited by solid sources. This, with the dramatic admissions applications increase this year which brought the acceptance rate to 26.70 for the class of 2015. Sounds good to me!</p>

<p>Trinity is a great place to study science. I am a current Trinity student, and while I am majoring in Economics, I have take a few science course at Trinity and have been very happy with all of them. The science faculty members that I have had contact with are all very smart and are more than happy to provide assistance to students. Currently Trinity is renovating some of its chemistry labs and is fundraising to build an addition to the science building that will house a psychology and neuroscience suite. While Trinity might not be able to offer the same opportunities as large researched based universities, Trinity is still a great place to study sciences while receiving a liberal arts education.</p>