Is triple majoring or dual degree practical with big core?

<p>I knwo that Columbia has a large core curriculum, I really want to focus of a dual degree program, and maybe even an accelerated Bachelors/Masters degree, is it possible to graduate in four or 5 years with a BS and BA?</p>

<p>Several columbia schools do a 3-2 (Barnard - SEAS) or 4-1 (CC -> SEAS or SEAS -> CC) to give you both a BS and BA. I'm not sure about any masters programs, that will vary by department. Call the ones you're interested in to ask.</p>

<p>Columbia has several joint masters degree programs including initiatives with the its own School of International and Public Affairs and Sciences-Po and Ecole Polytechnique in France</p>

<p>It is possible to triple concentrate, but it will very much limit the amount of flexibility that you will have in course selection. And, in reality, you'd likely gain more from an in-depth exploration of one or two subjects.</p>

<p>CC and GS also offer the SEAS 3-2. (or as us insiders call it, the force out at the plate).</p>