Is UC Merced a good school for a business major ?

Hi, this is my first post here. I applied to Uc Davis, Uc Merced, Uc riverside and csu long beach and I got accepted into all of them. I would like to know what would be a great option for me as a business major and not go into too much debt after I graduate. I got offered a full ride to Merced but I have no idea if they offer good classes for a business major. I’m also deciding to go to CSU long beach and don’t know much about which is my best option to get a business degree and have options to work right after I graduate. Can someone please help ?! I have to decide in a month! Thank you!

It depends upon what area of Business you are interested in pursuing. Other than UC Riverside, Berkeley and UC Irvine, none of the other UC’s have a true “business major” or a business school.

I would look at the courses that are avaialble at each school and see if they meet your goals before deciding.

UCR admits into a Pre-Business major where you need to take specific courses and maintain specific GPA to continue in the major.

UCD offers Managerial Econ a major and UCM’s program again is focused on Economics.

CSULB’s program offers many options such as Accounting, Finance. Marketing etc…

A full ride is hard to turn down but only you can decide which program would be the best academically, socially and financially for you.

Best of luck.

A full ride in your field of interest at a solid school is probably the best option. Especially if you’ll incur debt to go elsewhere.

Like a lot of schools, Biz falls under the Econ umbrella at UCM. Here’s all i could find on the courses in the program

I’d find a way to spend some time on/around campus in the coming weeks so you can get a sense for what it is like there.

Congrats and good luck.