Is UChicago mostly ED?

Does UChicago get most of its students form early decision? Is it even worth applying regular decision?

Yes, about three-quarters between ED and ED2, according to some reports, but the university doesn’t officially confirm or deny these reports.


Yes and yes. But just know that the acceptance rate for RD is thought to be considerably lower.

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Best guess derived from the university’s own numbers is that they admit approximately 50% and enroll 60% from the two rounds of ED. However ED isn’t for everyone so you should apply under the specific plan that fits your needs.

Here are some actual - and hopefully helpful - stats for you. Much better than stabs in the dark. For the Class of '23 (last class admitted prior to Covid), the early admit rate was 7% (ED1 and EA combined) and the remainder of the class faced about a 5% admit rate (ED2 and RD). Overall admit rate was 6%. According to the dean of admissions, the RD rate specifically was 4%. Only a small percentage of the total RD pool - less than 1% - was admitted as a rollover from EA.