Is UCLA going to rescind me?

I’m a Social Sciences major that is currently at risk of failing a Physical Science GE that is part of my IGETC (and if I fail it, it puts me at 57 units instead of 60) but a non-major class. I’ve had an incredibly rough quarter due to family illnesses and issues that came up that created a lot of unexpected stress and responsibility, leading to me doing poorly in my classes. Not in a good mental state right now. Before this semester, I had only ever received 1 B.

I’ve already enrolled in the equivalent class at a community college this summer just in case to make it up. I’m just really scared right now - I’ve worked so hard during community college and feel like things might fall apart last second because of everything’s that’s been hitting me. Has anyone been in any similar situations? Admissions office isn’t willing to comment yet because I don’t have the final grade yet.

Only UCLA can tell you for sure. That you have already signed up and are willing to take the course this summer is a point in your favor along with the mentioned family issues. Wishing you the best of luck and please update once you hear from UCLA.

Wonderful that you’ve already contacted admissions, and that you’ve signed up to retake the class, if necessary. If the bad grade isn’t yet a done deal for sure, if you haven’t yet taken the final, or there is any possibility of re-taking it, or if there is any extra credit thing that you can do that would bring the grade up to the min required for transfer (probably a C minus), then get a tutor immediately, and put every single waking hour into preparing for the final or doing whatever you have to do to bring the grade up. It’s very likely that your community college prof would agree to more heavily weight the final if that would help you to pass. Talk to the comm coll prof, too. They want you to pass, want you to succeed. Reach out for help.