Is UCR good for pre-med?

I plan to major in psychology as a pre-med student. Is UCR a good undergraduate school that will help me get into medical school?

Which school you attend for Undergrad makes little difference in Medical school admissions and Psychology is a common major found at all schools.

You want to keep debt at a minimum so go where you think you can excel academically (High GPA), access to Medically related EC’s and is affordable. Also you might want to check out the Pre-Health Professional advising available.

UCR has the Thomas Haider Early Assurance program which you might want to check out:

How competitive is this EAP? Thanks @Gumbymom

@MDHopefulDad: As with anything related to Medical school, very competitive.

2019 Stats:
EAP Haider applicants admitted = 3.73 BCPM [range of 3.55 – 4.00]

Ave. MCAT for accepted/matriculated**
508 (only 1 EAP applicant took the MCAT)

completed applications: 60

interviewed: 16

accepted: 9

matriculated: 9

@Gumbymom Thanks for sharing the stats! For med school inspired high school students, how “risky” is it to attend UCR just for the EAP? I mean, if they missed it they end up with a UG degree from a mid/Low level college.

@MDHoepfulDad: UCR is not a Mid-low level college and Medical schools do not care where you attended undergrad. What is important is your GPA, MCAT scores and Medically related EC’s.

EAP is not a gurantee so I would not put all my eggs in one basket. So as a prospective Medical student that is not accepted to the program, I would take the MCAT and apply widely to other Medical School the following year.

@Gumbymom to follow up this again. For premed I think UCD and UCR are better than the other more prestigious UCs, less competitive thus easier to stand out. Between these two, most people seem to agree UCD is better all-round, academically and campus life. But for pre-med, do you think UCR is a better choice?

@MDHopefulDad: If a student has an interest in the Early assurance program at UCR, then it would the better choice. My advice for any student, Pre-Med or not is to attend the school where they think they will “thrive” academically and socially. The better choice is up to each individual.

@Gumbymom how is the residency match for UCR SOM grads, comparing to other SOMs? UCR seems to focus more on the primary care types, instead of specialties. Also, does the Haider program prohibit its students to apply to specialties altogether?

According to the linked article, some of the students did Match into specialities. I do not have the particulars of the residency match since I have not pursued the program in depth. I am sure you would be able to research the program on your own. I just offered some more information to the original OP to help aid in their decision.

These stats are really helpful, do you remember where these are available? I want to check these for last year 2020. My daughter got admitted to UCR and Toledo Ohio. Trying to compare the chances of getting in med school thru these programs.

The article linked in the above post was for 2020. Match day has not happened yet for 2021 which would be the new in-coming Medical school class that applied in 2020. You might want to check out the Medical school forum for more information.

Understood. I was referring to EAP program. Found the pdf with stats -

The class of 2020 stats would probably not be available until April since that is when I found the 2019 stats posted.

Does UCR favor inland empire residents for its EAP program?

They do not necessarily favor inland empire UCR residents but you are expected to practice in the inland empire post Medical school graduation.

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How does UCR EAP program compare to Toledo? Are they not similar?

I have no knowledge about Toledo’s program. I suggest you post in that school’s specific forum or in the Pre-med forum.

Someone mentioned that students admitted thru Haider program are required to serve in the Riverside area after MD for 2 years or so, but couldn’t find its reference in any Haider program description. If this is still true, does it mean the residency has to be in Riverside area or after residency students need to return back to Riverside area?
Does anyone know of any UCR website link that explains this program requirement?

Program Requirements

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria.

  • Be within one year of graduation with their B.S./B.A. degree from UCR at time of selection or recently graduated but have not applied to medical school.
  • If you are accepted into the Early Assurance program, you agree to apply to and enroll only in the UCR School of Medicine.
  • Express a commitment to practice in Inland Southern California.
  • Have completed a minimum of four quarters at UCR prior to applying to this program (and must complete at least six quarters at UCR before matriculation).
  • Complete all UCR School of Medicine prerequisite courses with a cumulative BCPM (Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Mathematics) GPA equal to or greater than 3.40.
  • Have invested time in community service.
  • Have been exposed to significant clinical experiences.

Program Restrictions

  • Applicants must be an undergraduate student at UCR OR a recent graduate who has never previously applied to medical school.
  • Early Assurance Program applicants are not permitted to apply to other schools.
  • Program is open to in-state residents only.
  • This program is not available to students who have already applied for medical school.
  • This program is not considered an accelerated graduation program.
  • Applicants may apply to EAP only once.