Is UCSD right for me?

<p>Currently interested in Business</p>

<p>GPA: 3.93/4.00 (unweighted) CR 1st
SAT: 540/680/620 CR/M/W= 1840
SATII: 680 (Math2) 700 (US History) 800 (Spanish)
-Rock band leader/bassist (11/12)
-Worship team vocalist(9)
-Service Club/ Community Service (9/12)
around 500+?
-Missions Trip to Philippines/Malaysia (9/10)
-Debate Team (11)
-Soccer JV (9/10)
-Ensemble (10/11)
-Sports club (12)
-T/A for Calculus/Algebra II class
-Hospital Internship (9) 5hr/36wk</p>

<p>there are a lot of EAs that I did but just can't bring them up :(

<p>Considering these information, do you think I have a chance for UCSD?
I definately love diversity, and I love to stay in CA although I am Out of State</p>

<p>Appreciate your time, thanks</p>

<p>UCSD has no business major.</p>

<p>^What they said. If you come here and want a business-related major, you’ll have to major in Econ or Management Science (which is a part of the econ department).</p>