Is UCSD the only UC with upper division GE requirements?


They don’t have UD requirements. That isn’t possible.

@Ohm888 My D needed some humanities/social science UD classes at UCB as an EECS major. Not sure if this is considered GE classes. Not directly associated with her major but part of the Humanities and Social Sciences (H/SS) breadth requirement as part of the COE.

this website says Roosevelt and Sixth have upper division requierments

Well that’s after you’re at UCSD. Not while your working toward admission. Your heading sounds like it’s needed for transfers. I’m not quite sure why it’s up here as part of transfer info. It’s a UC issue, not a transfer issue.

ok i see how theres some confusion, i’ll ask it in the California Colleges sub-forum then, thanks

UCB College of Engineering has a humanities and social studies requirement that includes two upper division courses, so they must be taken after transfer if you start at a community college: . Note that UCB CoE does not accept IGETC in place of breadth requirements.

UCB College of Letters and Science requires at least 6 upper division units outside of your major department, though they do not have to be any particular breadth category. E.g. a math major can take two upper division statistics courses to fulfill this requirement. . UCB L&S does accept IGETC in place of breadth requirements, though that does not cover the 6 upper division units outside of your major department.