Is UIC Engineering bad?

I am thinking of transferring to UIC, and am wanting to know of their ECE(Electrical and Computer Engineering) program. How is the ranking compared to other schools in Illinois(e.g. IIT, etc), and what kind of companies come to the career fair? How difficult is their program for an average student compared to the big name schools (UIUC, UMICH, Purdue). I do work hard but have only managed to get a 3.4 with 35 credit hours! Needing a sense of direction on where to go, so would appreciate any insight :slight_smile:

With Electrical and computer engineering, the degree is employable in a wide variety of fields, including IT. Rankings don’t matter at all. You should be more than fine at UIC. UIUC, is tougher to get into, but I think you have a realistic shot. It’s worth an application, as long as you’re in-state. If you go out of state, the cost of tuition will hurt you a lot more than it will help.

@coolguy40 thanks for your response! Any idea whats the graduation rate like at UIC ECE program, along with the average gpa?? Even tho standards at UIUC is higher in every regard, UIC still makes me a little nervous…