Is UIC really that bad?

I recently visited UIC and actually really liked it. However, I’ve heard that most people do not enjoy their time there and have a lot of complaints about the education and professors.

I plan on doing biochem with a pre-med track. Anyone who has been to UIC, what do you think?

Idk if it helps, but I’m also in their Honors College.

I will say this, their reputation has been improving over time. Their admissions have gradually gotten more competitive, especially their Honors and GPPA programs. At the moment students may have mixed feelings about the school but as the reputation grows the better it would be in the long run. Schools are thought about by reputation at the moment, not when one attended them.

I live 30 minutes away from UIC and a lot of my friends go/ will go to UIC so I can tell you what I know.

They are pretty good in the medical field, so that’s good for you that you want to study that because I don’t really know about the rest of their majors. The majority of the student body commute, so there’s a difference on social life compared to, say, UIUC. The type of people you will most likely see there are first generation students.

I wouldn’t say UIC is bad. A lot of people seem to go there for med. There might be some bad professors, but every university has those. I would say that they’re a nice value for what they offer. However, if you have other options you should probably search up their rankings on different trustable sites.