Is UMass Boston a good school?

I’ve been considering attending UMass Boston next fall as an environmental science major. With brand new dorms, a school for the environment, and a lower tuition price compared to the private schools, this place seems appealing. Would you consider this a good college? Or would I be better off at UMass Amherst?

Are you instate or out of state? UMass-Boston is a suitcase school where students tend to be a bit older than your typical college student. There has been lots of controversy there about funding, shoddy construction, etc. UMass-Amherst would offer so much more if you are a dorm student. I believe the dorms may be privately owned???

Out of state from Texas. The only thing is that I’m looking for an urban campus since I love being in an active city.

UMass-Boston is on a peninsula that juts out into Dorchester Bay. Sort of isolated from central Boston. BU or Northeastern would put you right in the center of the good stuff that goes on in Boston.

They have a good academic reputation, there are a lot of commuters but the new dorm looks amazing. I think it’s a great alternative to the more expensive BU’s and Northeasters of the world, plus I was actually accepted so there is that.

They just built a dorm. It is the only dorm. It is almost entirely a commuter school.

It’s a commuter school and it’s nowhere near downtown Boston. Still, all the UMass’s are great and have fantastic reputations. You could do worse. But Amherst and Lowell have the best reputations, UMA Dartmouth and Boston less so. If you are looking for a city campus, try BU, Northeastern, Simmons, Emmanuel, Emerson

UMass Boston has come a long way in the past 50 years. It is an excellent and relatively inexpensive alternative to the private colleges in Boston for local students. As a choice for an out of state student from Texas it may not be a good choice.

Have you visited the campus?

No, I haven’t. But I do have an interview with the dean for the honors college coming up soon. Would being part of the honors program at least make it somewhat worth it to attend there?

Will all incoming freshman be offered to live in the new dorm?

@Skippy00 No, only if you want to, you can but you have to pay the deposit for housing by a certain date to guarantee a spot for the dorms before all rooms are filled up. There are still a number of people living in the Boston area and locally who still commute to school instead of living in the dorms.

There are tons of schools in and around Boston that would be considered far more appealing, both academically and from a “college experience” perspective. If you were in state and knew you wanted to go to a commuter school, likely while you worked, because that’s a legitimate way to get a college degree, then great!

However, if you’re an OOS kid (which you are), and you’re looking to get that Boston college experience, this is not the place for you. The name is misleading.

You may want to do a google search on Boston area colleges. There will be many to view. Some are elite while others are simply good quality schools that will also provide decent financial aid.

I’m late to this party, but given the exceptionally reasonable price of UMass-Boston and its easy access to downtown Boston using public transportation, I would not write it off as quickly as many in this thread are eager to do.

I’d be interested to hear if any out-of-staters enrolled and how they liked it.