Is university of a the Pacific worth the money?

Please help is university of the Pacific worth the money? I’m between uni of Pacific Hunter college and University at buffalo so sos! All is good schools I want the full package of the college life with dorming and stuff but hunter is well known for the science department so please help me choose

How much would each cost and would you have to take out loans and how much in loans?

Uni at Pacific would cost around 60k Hunter is basically free Buffalo is around 24k with 5k in loans

Worth is pretty subjective and it depends on your means but, in the abstract, UoP is not worth $60k - especially if you need to incur debt to attend. There are so many options that cost 1/3 the price here in CA, it is hard to rationalize.

I would go to Buffalo - then move to CA when you graduate.

If you have to take out loans, then no, UOP is not worth it.

DD loved SUNY Buffalo!

UOP is not worth 60k

One could argue that some schools are worth $60K, but I don’t think you would see UOP anywhere on that list.


Is UOP 60K per year, or total over 4 years? Would this be mostly (or all) debt?

60k a year

“60k a year”

Ugh. I wouldn’t pay it, particularly since it sounds like you have other more reasonable options.

My dd2 was thinking of going to UOP for pharmacy. When we found out that it was $60K a year, and when we saw the location, it was an obvious NO.
To us, the cost was not worth it. She ended up getting into better, more recognized schools.

I am currently a 2+3 Pre-Pharmacy student and I just want to share my experience in deciding to commit to UOP. I am from a low-income family, so I am mainly relying on financial aid and scholarships. Even though 60K is quite a hefty price, I ultimately thought the benefits were worth the price. I was torn between UCLA/UCB and UOP. What swayed me towards UOP was the sort of “guarantee” to pharmacy school. As long as a student is a decent person and completes the 2.7 math science gpa, then the path to pharm school is quite easy. This assurance relieves many stresses that undergrads feel, especially at the UC systems. However, there are many other pros that one does not see until attending UOP like the connections and relationships with professors/pharmacy students.

Their Dentistry and Pharmacy majors are particularly top-notch! so worthwhile

Our family’s oldest attended and received a Masters Degree + Teaching Credential in just two years! Very efficient!! With a generous scholarship he was left with a $40K loan but he also has a solid teaching job so he can afford the payment. Good value considering he was able to work sooner.

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