Is URAP worth it?

<p>Hello, I am a student who never plans to do Ph.D. I am Econ & Applied Math double major and I will go for masters in financial engineering (or similar degree with different name such as computational finance). Is it worth for me to try out URAP? Would it be fun experience even though I am not much interested in theoretical aspect or career in research area? I will wait for your reply!</p>

<p>in YOUR case, eh. meh.</p>

<p>i’d say go for it if you have nothing better lined up and your sched isn’t too hectic</p>

<p>but only choose one that sounds at least somewhat relevant to what you want to do</p>

<p>Think of URAP as a program for matching undergraduates with professors and nothing more. So it all depends on which professor and projects you become involved with. If you find a project heavy in finance, you could gain valuable experience working with financial data which would be useful for financial engineering. However there are other places you can get that experience too.</p>