Is USD worth the money?

I am getting down to my final selection for college next year and loved USD when I visited. The campus is truly an amazing place to live and learn, but with almost 20k I’ll need to take out in loans annually, I need some advice from students if it is worth the hefty price tag. I would be studying a business major, but also looking to double major with a government-related major. Is USD worth the money? Are there good job opportunities and internships available during your four years, after? Is it easy to get the classes you need? Would you say it is worth the extra money compared to a state school?

Thank you for your help!

@edhkid - I don’t think there are too many USD students on this board, so I will chime in as a parent. DDs chose USD over the less expensive public options. A huge factor was class size (max of about 30) and access to faculty and more individualized attention. There has been no problems in getting classes, but due to size, some classes might only be offered in specific semesters. In reading the course catalog and program descriptions, USD sounds like a great place for students looking into public service, politics, etc. and the alumni community seems to be very involved with the school. Now, on the other side, we are in the position that we do not have to take out $20k in loans each year. If we were, we most likely would have gone with the public universities instead. Good luck in your decision.