Is UVM worth the 30k+ tuition for an out-of-stater?

<p>C'mon, be honest. </p>

<p>I'm trying to choose between this college and a local UNC "satellite" school (what's the term for that?). The UNC school is much cheaper, but I'm thinking I would get a lot more out of UVM. Problem is, the tuition is jacked up for me, because I don't live nearby. So... IS IT WORTH IT? </p>

<p>Talk to me, CC.</p>

<p>There's no way to answer without understanding what $120+K means to you and your family. If it's a drop in the bucket, then maybe. I like UVM, but I'd never part with $120K to go there.</p>

<p>i'm in the same boat..30k is affordable but a little more than i had hoped for, but i absolutely loved uvm..</p>

<p>basically it's between uvm for 30k, ithaca college for 26k, and binghamton for like 20k, although i wasn't impressed by binghamton's campus and atmosphere..any help?</p>

<p>I'm leaning towards going to the cheap, local school and trying to transfer to a school that's worth the exorbitant tuition. I suppose transferring is pretty disruptive though, socially and academically.</p>

<p>UVM is one of the most (if not, THE most) expensive out-of-state school for students. It's insane. Like @gadad said, if it's a drop in the bucket, then prepare yourself for some serious shelling out of money. Otherwise, I wold suggest going to the state school, then transferring somewhere that can give you some great aid.</p>

<p>And, yes, transferring is a bear of a process, but it can be worth it. I'm transferring from UVM to Cornell for next fall :)</p>

<p>The total cost of UVM is more like $47K/year for OOS. With a merit scholarship of $11K that is down to $36K.</p>

<p>It's $5-6K more OOS than UNH, URI, or Uconn....yes, more, but not insanely more.</p>

<p>OP ... have you been accepted? Did you get merit aid? Lots of OOS students receive some merit aid which brings the cost much closer the their in-state option. The threshold for merit aid is not too high ... our 3.3 GPA 1850 SATs son received enough merit aid to close 50% of the gap to his in-state option ... and is now a very happy UVM freshman.</p>

<p>@sludgeboat, which UNC satellite campus, and is it 30k a year, or over the 4 years, because that is a big difference</p>