is vampire weekend coming to cornell??

<p>i'm obsessed with phoenix and vampire weekend, so i'm SOOOOOOOOO psyched about phoenix coming soon, but then i heard a few people also talking about vampire weekend and i almost peed myself. </p>

<p>does anyone know anything?!?! or should i be buying tickets to go to the show in nyc in 2 weeks???</p>

<p>unfortunately, vampire weekend does not look to be on the radar right now :(</p>

<p>nope. at least not as of now. there are two more concerts lined up for this semester, phoenix and another one that i am not supposed to disclose (but definitely not vampire weekend)</p>

<p>eh, looks like we have a fellow concert commissioner here ;)</p>

<p>is zombies attack ithaca still going on?</p>

<p>ahh okay. disappointing, but then cornellperson and alamode, PLEASE GET VAMPIRE WEEKEND HERE AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER :)</p>

<p>I like vampire weekend, but if you want them, you best join CCC :p.</p>

<p>animal collective ftw</p>

<p>for vampy, i will do almost anything. how do i join?! </p>

<p>and animal collective is okay… though i think you’d have an easier time getting one of the frats to bring them haha i feel like they’re for very specific people</p>

<p>now I guess we can all say that M.I.A. is coming! :smiley: I’m pretty excited.</p>

<p>then again, I already knew that…I am not the most connected Cornellian on campus but for once I got some insider info! haha.</p>

<p>what is a vampire weekend?</p>

<p>I thought Vampire Weekend was Columbia-exclusive, considering all those Columbia references in their music. :D</p>

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<p>Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of VW.</p>

<p>haha at that image. but seriously vampire weekend. cornellperson and alamode, make my dreams come true :)</p>

<p>or at least tell me how to do it myself ;)</p>

<p>CCC isn’t a good organization for bringing that kind of band here. They kinda suck in general. (eg. bringing super mash bros here over fleet foxes/state radio). Their taste in music is pretty mediocre.</p>

<p>okay, first of all we can’t just make bands appear like magic. fleet foxes was strongly considered, but they weren’t touring. SSB has much more general appeal than state radio. CCC as a whole is definitely a more indie-leaning organization, but it is our job to balance our interests and the interests of Cornell as a whole.</p>

<p>so you’re not happy with CCC?? i’d say mia, phoenix, and super mash bros are good choices. i think you get a bunch of different types of music and they’re pretty mainstream, so it’s not like randos are showing up… </p>

<p>and really, it’s pretty hard to get artists to go to schools so i don’t think it’s fair to be so harsh</p>

<p>Don’t forget, CCC isn’t the only game in town. Is Fanclub still putting on shows? Tons of shows at the State Theatre too. I saw Broken Social Scene will be there.</p>