Is Virginia Tech hard to get in with regular decision

I missed the EA deadline because my essays were not ready. I learned that Virginia Tech is very hard to get in for regular decisions, its acceptance rate is lower than Univ. Virginia. Is that true?
I wonder if it’s worth the effort for me to apply to RD. Thanks!

The EA deadline is tonight if it is ready now.
Materials are due in a couple weeks.

But if you need to do RD and you are interested in VT, then apply. They take the common app and coalition app. That should be easy for you.

That data does not reflect anything I can find or have seen in acceptances. They were hitting their waitlist last Spring before almost anyone else from postings on CC. (Before May 1)

@cqian8828 You should still apply if VT is a school you are interested in. That said, the chances of admission for RD applicants is pretty low relative to the big picture. Generally about 75% or more of those offered admission come from the pool of ED and EA applicants.

Are you in-state or OOS?

I just saw that VT extended EA deadline to tonight, 11:59pm due to technical issues with Common App last evening. The essays are very brief (short answer)…would be great if you could get submitted tonight!

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