Is VT a reach?

<p>In-state, First-gen.</p>

<p>3.3 GPA (2 C's in AP classes, got 5's on both exams)
32 ACT
AP's: U.S. History: 5, European History: 5, English Language: 5, Psychology: 5</p>

<p>Good extracurriculars, leadership and all that jazz. Should have phenomenal recs.</p>

<p>Definitely a reach. Great ACT, however the GPA will weigh you down. Try to raise it if you can. VT doesn't care about EC's and LoRs so don't rely on those to help you out. Raise your ACT if you can as well, because of your low GPA. Also, what is your weighted GPA? Low grades in AP courses but 5 on exam may reflect poorly on your work habits.</p>

<p>The gpa is going to hurt. However, when you say 1st gen., what does that mean? 1st gen to go to college or 1st gen as in citizenship, where English is a 2nd language? </p>

<p>As an IS resident, 2 C's in AP would say to me that 3.3 is your weighted, or your weighted is very close to 3.3, using a 4.5 scale for AP. a 75 on a 4.5 scale would be @ 3.3</p>

<p>Here's the other problem, you have to explain how you can test so well, but have such a low gpa. It is common to accept test anxiety for schools, but in your situation it is reverse, and what that means to the school is you lack the strive. In other words you have the brains, but not the dedication, and that equals high risk when it comes to accepting students.</p>

<p>Finally, Tech will look at your course rigor. If you are taking the hardest courses that will give you an edge. It appears that you are in this case.</p>

<p>They will also look at your intended major. Tech is one of the top architecture colleges in the nation, I doubt they will accept you. HOWEVER, if your major is behavioral sciences, the chances will rise regarding acceptance rate.</p>

<p>You need to give a whole picture for anyone to give a true answer. Starting with are you 1st gen American, and ending with your intended major.</p>

<p>What is the break out of your ACT? Did you have 34s, and a singular test subscore pulled you down? Don't get me wrong, a 32 is very, very good, however if you are applying to the e-school, or architecture (as b&p noted), a lower score in math will hurt you. When reporting SATs people tend to break them out, considering all three components, which is really the better indicator. Looking at the ACT composite as a whole doesn't give the entire picture.</p>

<p>I agree with others, that a lower test score/higher GPA is a bit easier to explain. This can vary depending on your class rank. That may prove very important in your case. If you are in the top 10%, indicating that your school doesn't offer many APs so there isn't grade inflation it helps to put your GPA in context. It is very important to know if you took advantage of what was offered and how you performed in comparison to your peers who were offered the same classes and were in the same learning environment.</p>

<p>What APs, if any are you taking this year that may help pull your GPA up by midterms when your transcript is sent with your application?</p>